1. Can a volunteer be treated the same as paid staff?
  2. Can you find information about volunteering in your country and two other countries?
  3. Can you list some reasons why people volunteer?
  4. Can you think of ways to help people who need help?
  5. Do you know anyone who has done volunteer work? Where and why did they volunteer? Could you and would you like to work as a volunteer in the same way?
  6. Do you know anyone who has done volunteer work? Where did they work and why did they volunteer?
  7. Have you and your family ever worked on a volunteer project together? What did you do?
  8. Have you ever benefitted by someone’s volunteer work? What is volunteer screening?
  9. Have you ever done any volunteer work? Did you do it alone, with friends or with your family? Did you make new friends while you were doing the work?
  10. Have you ever volunteered to help victims of natural disasters? Why or why not?
  11. Have you read a book about volunteer work?
  12. How can volunteers benefit from their work?
  13. How did you feel about volunteering before you started work? How did you feel during the work? How did you feel after you had finished work?
  14. Is there a history of volunteerism in your country?
  15. Is volunteering worth the cost to you? In what situations and at what times in your life could you afford to volunteer?
  16. Is volunteering worth the time it takes?
  17. Should you volunteer if your main reason is to benefit monetarily or materialistically? (i.e.. Getting first pick at donated merchandise. Underpricing merchandise for your friends or family.)
  18. What are some organizations through which you can volunteer? What kind of work did they do?
  19. What are some websites maintained by volunteer organizations?
  20. What are the volunteer activities that people do?
  21. What benefits do you get personally by volunteering?
  22. What benefits other than personal satisfaction could you personally get by volunteering?
  23. What could you do to help if you had no money?
  24. What is a volunteer project?
  25. What is volunteer work? What is your definition of volunteer work? What is the dictionary definition of a volunteer?
  26. What organization does volunteer work? What kind of work do they do?
  27. What situations need volunteer workers? Can you think of different types of volunteer work? Can you think of examples of professional and amateur volunteering?
  28. What types of volunteer work would be unpleasant for you?
  29. Why do people volunteer?
  30. Why would you enjoy certain types of volunteer work?
  31. Why would you enjoy volunteering?
  32. Would you like to work as a volunteer?
  33. Would you volunteer to help people outside your community? Would you volunteer to help people outside your country?

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