1. After your grade point average (GPA), what is the 2nd most important thing in college?
  2. Are the counselors at school helpful?
  3. Are you a member of any student organization?
  4. Can you explain the process of registering for a class/course?
  5. Describe a mistake or something you should not have done since being in university.
  6. Do most of your professors or instructors take attendance? Why?
  7. Do you have easy access to your professors outside of class?
  8. Do you prefer to study with friends/classmates or to study alone?
  9. During classes, do you like working in student groups or working alone? Why?
  10. How can a student receive a scholarship?
  11. How can classes or classrooms be improved? What would be the effect?
  12. How do you travel to your classes everyday?
  13. How has your life changed since beginning college?
  14. How many back-to-back classes do you have?
  15. How many hours do you spend on homework or studying each night?
  16. How much is tuition do you pay?
  17. How much note taking do you do in most of your classes?
  18. How much of the course material is covered by the professors in your classes?
  19. How often do you read ahead for your classes?
  20. How often do you reread or organize your notes from a professor’s lecture?
  21. How often do your professors let class out early?
  22. If you became president of your university, what changes would you make? Why?
  23. If you became president of your university, which rule would you abolish (cancel)?
  24. If you wanted to, when could you fit in more study time?
  25. If you were not attending college now, what would you be doing? Where? Why?
  26. The cost of university education is becoming very expensive in many countries. How can we make the cost of education more affordable to the general public?
  27. What advantages are there to home schooling?
  28. What are some advantages in studying with sophomore/junior/senior students/friends or with older students?
  29. What are some advantages of studying alone? Disadvantages?
  30. What are some advantages of studying in groups? Disadvantages?
  31. What are some qualities of a good student?
  32. What are some qualities of a good teacher?
  33. What can you do if you don’t like your roommates?
  34. What can/do you do if you fall behind in your classes?
  35. What celebrations/festivals/events do you enjoy the most? Why?
  36. What do you do on campus when you’re not studying?
  37. What do you fear most about next semester’s classes?
  38. What do you miss most about your home and your hometown?
  39. What do you plan to do during the summer vacation?
  40. What does a college education provide?
  41. What extracurricular activities are you involved in?
  42. What is a disadvantage of back-to-back classes?
  43. What is the biggest difficulty in being a college student?
  44. What is your favorite class or subject? Why?
  45. What kinds of scholarships are there for students at your school?
  46. What must you do to receive a college diploma?
  47. What time does your first class begin tomorrow?
  48. What was your biggest fear before you began your freshman year of college?
  49. What’s the best advice you would tell a brother/sister or friend who is now entering college?
  50. What’s the best excuse you’ve heard or given for missing a class?
  51. What’s your best memory? What’s your worst memory?
  52. What’s your biggest motivation for your university life?
  53. What’s your favorite spot on campus?
  54. What’s your favorite way to take a ‘short’ break from studying at night?
  55. Where is the best place for you to study? Why?
  56. Which class or subject is most important for your future job?
  57. Which do you prefer more, morning or afternoon classes? Why?
  58. Why are you attending college?
  59. Why is a college education important?

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