1. Can you remember what was your very first job? Can you tell us about it?
  2. Describe an employee whom the employer will never fire.
  3. Do you feel nervous or relaxed and confident at job interviews? Share your experiences.
  4. Do you think that at universities students get enough knowledge and practice to have no difficulties when starting to work for some company?
  5. Have you ever been cheated by the employer? What can you do to protect yourself?
  6. How do you behave at a job interview to produce a favorable impression on the employer?
  7. How do you write a resume to attract the attention of the employer and get him to give you to a job interview?
  8. Is it better to start job hunting while you are still studying and try to combine your studies with work? Can you share your experiences.
  9. Is unemployment a great problem where you live now? Do you know people who have lost their jobs recently?
  10. What are some questions you have been asked in an interview? Have you ever been asked some questions which seemed really strange and funny to you?
  11. What are the most efficient ways to look for a job? Friends? The Internet? Newspapers?
  12. What do you think the role of the government is in regulating the unemployment situation in this country? How should the government help people who have lost their jobs?
  13. What should young people do to have enough qualification after graduation?
  14. When is the best time for a person to start looking for a job?

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