1. Can you surf on a tsunami?
  2. How do you know that a tsunami is going to hit soon?
  3. How fast do tsunamis travel in the ocean?
  4. How fast do tsunamis travel?
  5. Is there an early warning system for tsunamis in the area you live?
  6. What are some areas of the world that have many tsunamis?
  7. What are the immediate health effects of tsunami?
  8. What are the long term health effects of tsunami?
  9. What are the secondary (short term) health effects of tsunami?
  10. What are you suppose to do when you know a tsunami is coming?
  11. What causes a tsunami?
  12. What kind of ecological damage do tsunamis cause?
  13. When do you know it is safe to return to your home?
  14. Why do people continue to live in tsunami areas?
  15. Why does the sea water level go down very low right before a tsunami hits?

Origin of Word

  1. What does it mean?
  2. What is another word for tsunami?
  3. What is the difference between a “tsunami” and a “tidal wave”?
  4. What is the origin of the word tsunami?
  5. What language is this word?
  6. Why is this word used internationally?

Global Assistance

  1. Have you ever volunteered for a group that helps victims of a natural disasters?
  2. How can people help victims of a tsunami?
  3. How might a family prepare for a tsunami emergency?
  4. How might people be educated to understand the dangers of a tsunami?
  5. How should countries respond to natural disasters?
  6. Is the newspaper or television always correct?
  7. Should assistance in preparing for disasters such as typhoons have priority over an early warning system for tsunami?
  8. What are some essential things that are needed after a natural disaster?
  9. What are some groups or organizations that help the victims of natural disasters?
  10. What could your class do to help victims of a tsunami?
  11. What methods might be used to help family get back together after a tsunami? To identify corpses?
  12. What outside aid might come in cases of a tsunami emergency?
  13. Why is a tsunami an emergency?
  14. Why is a tsunami so dangerous?
  15. Why is it so hard to get accurate information after a tsunami?

Personal Experience

  1. Do you know anyone who has experienced the tsunami disaster?
  2. Do you know someone who has been affected by a tsunami?
  3. Has a tsunami ever hit the area where you live?
  4. Have you ever experienced a tsunami?

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