1. Do you prefer to text or talk on the phone?
  2. Do you text when you drive? Why do you do it if you know it’s dangerous?
  3. How do you text on a phone? (Teach me how to text.)
  4. How is texting different from face-to-face interactions?
  5. How is texting similar to chatting and how is it different?
  6. How many texts are included in your phone plan?
  7. How many texts do you send a month?
  8. Should there be a limit to how many texts a child or adult should send? Why?
  9. talk on the phone? Why?
  10. What “textese” do you use, for example, u2, b4, g2do?
  11. What are the positive and negative effects of texting?
  12. What is texting similar to?
  13. When did you start using a phone to text?
  14. Who do you text the most these days?
  15. Why do people use emojis? Do you use them often?

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