1. About how many text messages do you send in a day?
  2. Are you allowed to have your mobile telephone switched on in class?
  3. Are you aware of the current health risks associated with mobile phones?
  4. Are you worried about radiation from you cell phone?
  5. At what age do kids now get cell phones?
  6. At what age do you think you should be allowed to have a mobile phone?
  7. Could you live without your mobile phone?
  8. Did you ever let the telephone ring without answering it?
  9. Do receive phone calls when you are already engaged to another call?
  10. Do you ever plan to own a mobile phone in the future?
  11. Do you feel that these risks would stop you from using your mobile phone?
  12. Do you have a cell phone?
  13. Do you have a cellular/mobile phone?
  14. Do you know how to use all the functions on your phone?
  15. Do you know of anybody who has had the mobile phone stolen?
  16. Do you know that mobile phones have been used as a method to bully?
  17. Do you think it should be illegal to speak on your cell phone while driving?
  18. Does it ever bother you when people use their cell phones?
  19. Has your cell phone ever broken down? What did you do when your cell phone last malfunctioned?
  20. Has your phone ever been stolen?
  21. Have you ever called a business (airlines, ELI, auto repair, insurance, bank, etc.) for information?
  22. Have you ever called for pizza delivery?
  23. Have you ever dialed the wrong number? What happened? How did you feel? (frustrated, embarrassed, relaxed, etc.)
  24. Have you ever driven using your mobile phone?
  25. Have you ever had a problem with your phone bill? What did you do?
  26. Have you ever left a voice mail or a message on an answering machine?
  27. Have you ever lost your phone?
  28. Have you ever tried getting a date with your phone?
  29. Have your parents ever been angry with you because of your phone use?
  30. How can you find someone’s telephone number on the Internet?
  31. How do you communicate with someone who is in another place/country?
  32. How long have you had a cell phone?
  33. How many cell phones have you destroyed?
  34. How many people in your family have a cell phone?
  35. How many phone calls do you usually receive and make in one day?
  36. How much do you spend a month on your cell phone?
  37. Is it difficult to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak English very well?
  38. Is it illegal to speak on your cell phone while you are driving in your country?
  39. Is it in bad taste to leave your cell phone on when you are at a restaurant?
  40. Is your name in the telephone book? Why or why not?
  41. Mobile phones can be seen as fashion statement, can this put pressure on you to renew your phone to the newest model?
  42. Now that you own a mobile phone would you ever consider not possessing a phone in the future?
  43. On average how many hours do you use your mobile phone weekly?
  44. What age you think children should be allowed to have a mobile phone?
  45. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of cell phones?
  46. What cellphone company do you use? How did you decide to use this company? Are you happy with this company? How long have you used that company?
  47. What did you do when your cell phone last malfunctioned?
  48. What do you think about students who watch X-rated films in silent mode on their telephone in class rooms?
  49. What is an unlisted phone number?
  50. What is good telephone etiquette? What is considered rude in your culture?
  51. What kind of cell phone plan do you have with your carrier?
  52. What kind of features does your cell phones have?
  53. What kind of phone numbers can you find in the yellow pages of a phone book?
  54. What reason do you have a mobile phone? Work/personal/emergency
  55. What was the most expensive phone call you ever made?
  56. When did you first get a cell phone?
  57. Who do you call most often?
  58. Who is the youngest person you know who has a cell phone?
  59. Who pays for your cell phone?
  60. Why have you decided not to have a cell phone?

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