1. Are you interested in telepathy and the possible uses of developing this ability?
  2. Are you telepathic?
  3. Can people train in sending and receiving telepathic messages?
  4. Did you ever dream about something before it happened?
  5. Do animals communicate telepathically?
  6. Do you believe the inner voice of intuition may actually be a form of telepathic communication?
  7. Do you know anyone who is telepathic?
  8. Do you think it’s possible to communicate telepathically with people who have died? Your ancestors?
  9. Do you think telepathy is possibly an innate ability that everyone has, but has forgotten how to use or shut down?
  10. Has telepathy ever saved your life?
  11. Have you ever had telepathic communication with someone?
  12. How can you tell the difference between a telepathic message and just talking to yourself?
  13. If everyone were able to communicate telepathically, what would be different?
  14. Is it possible that God talks to us telepathically?

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