1. Can you think of a good teacher you had? What made that teacher good?
  2. Do you enjoy spending time with your teachers?
  3. How are you a teacher to someone else?
  4. If you were going to be a teacher, where would you like to teach?
  5. Think of a bad teacher you had. What made that teacher bad?
  6. What are some traits of teachers?
  7. What are the salaries for teachers in your country?
  8. What different kind of teachers can you name?
  9. What do you think it takes to be a good teacher?
  10. What is the retirement age for teachers in your country?
  11. What kind of formal training do teachers need in your country? Do you think the training is sufficient? If you could, how would you change this training
  12. Would you rather learn from a young teacher or an older teacher?
  13. Young people spend a lot of their “formative years” with teachers. On the whole, is this time well-spent?

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