1. Do you check the backseat before getting into the car?
  2. Do you have a fire escape plan? Does everybody in your family know where to go in case of fire?
  3. Do you have a smoke alarm? How often do you check the batteries?
  4. Do you have a smoker in the house?
  5. Do you know the local phone number for Poison Control?
  6. Do you lock the doors when you get inside your car?
  7. Do you park near a lighted area at night?
  8. Do you put your child in a car seat?
  9. Do you wear seat belts?
  10. Have you ever escaped from a fire?
  11. Have you got a fire blanket?
  12. How can you make a house safe for children to live in?
  13. How can you make the outside area around your house safer after it snows?
  14. How do you put out a fire when you have no water?
  15. How many emergency numbers do you know for the area you live in?
  16. How many emergency numbers do you know for your home country?
  17. How will you get out of your house if it starts to burn?
  18. How would you escape from your house if it caught on fire?
  19. What are some poisons around the house and how do you store them safely?
  20. What are some safety concerns in the winter when you drive your car?
  21. What are some types of fires in the house?
  22. What do you do if someone asks you for money?
  23. What do you do if someone grabs your purse or backpack?
  24. What do you need to do for burn victims of a fire?
  25. What do you think about keeping a gun in the house?
  26. What equipment do firefighters need?
  27. What is the fire department’s phone number in your country?
  28. What is the phone number for the fire department where you live?
  29. What is the telephone number for the police in your country?
  30. What kind of safety helmets do you use in your life?
  31. What measures do you take when you walk at night?
  32. Where are fires likely to break out?
  33. Where could you write the Poison Control number so it is in plain view during a case of an emergency?

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