1. What is prejudice?
  2. Why does prejudice exist?
  3. Are women highly regarded in your society? Why?
  4. Are men highly regarded in the community?
  5. Are there gender role biased issues in your country? What are they?
  6. Are women workers often promoted at their workplace? If yes, what qualities do they possess over the other gender? If not, what makes them not excel at their work?
  7. Do gender issues affect the development of a country?
  8. Why do you think we need to discuss issues about gender?
  9. What are some prejudices you have?
  10. What prejudices have you acquired?
  11. What, if any, measures has your national government implemented to combat gender-based discrimination or prejudice?
  12. Have you ever witnessed or are guilty of prejudice?
  13. Have you met anyone who has completely superseded your expectations?

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