1. Have you ever broken Copyright rules?
  2. How can countries prevent plagiarism?
  3. If you’re against CD burning, massive photocopying, and pirate copies, what are your reasons for this? Have you ever had material on your webpage plagiarized? What did you do about it? Were you action successful?
  4. What do you think of the growing trend in downloading music etc from the Internet?
  5. What do you think of the growing trend in downloading ready-made essays etc from the Internet?
  6. What is plagiarism?
  7. Which countries are known for plagiarism?
  8. Why did you do this, if you did?
  9. Why do you think people plagiarize? Homework? Articles? Books?


  1. Do you think that pirated products are just as good?
  2. Have you ever seen pirated goods for sale?
  3. What is piracy?
  4. What kind of things can be pirated?
  5. When you buy things online, are you worried they might be pirated?
  6. Where can you buy pirated products in your country?
  7. Why are pirated products cheaper?

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