1. Are there little children in your community? Tell me about them.
  2. Are there old people living in your community? Tell me about them.
  3. Can you tell me some things about your neighborhood?
  4. Do you like living in your neighborhood or do you not have much choice?
  5. Does your community have meetings?
  6. Does your community have special days to get together?
  7. Does your community welcome strangers?
  8. How can you help your community?
  9. How far are you from the city center?
  10. How have you helped a neighbor?
  11. How many of your neighbors do you know?
  12. Is there a neighborhood watch program in your community?
  13. Is your community afraid of strangers?
  14. What are the advantages and disadvantages of your neighborhood?
  15. What do the people in your community do for recreation?
  16. What do you like about your community?
  17. What do you think is the most important thing about community?
  18. What do you think should be changed?
  19. What types of facilities are available near to you?
  20. What would you change about your neighborhood?
  21. Would you like to raise your children in a community like yours? Why or why not?

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