April Fools Day

  1. Are you mad if someone plays tricks on you?
  2. Did someone play a trick on you? What was it?
  3. Do you always look forward to April Fool’s Day?
  4. Do you have the same tradition in your country?
  5. Do you know anyone that got married on April Fool’s Day?
  6. Do you play tricks on April 1st?
  7. Have you ever been fooled on April Fool’s Day? If yes, how did you feel then?
  8. Have you ever been tricked on April 1st?
  9. Have you ever tried fooling your family on April Fool’s Day?
  10. How would you feel if you were being fooled by your dearest friends?
  11. What are some tricks people play on April Fool’s Day?
  12. What is the background of this day?
  13. What sort of tricks do you play?


  1. Are there any special songs in your country that you don’t hear here?
  2. Did it snow last year at Christmas?
  3. Did you believe in Santa Claus when you were a child?
  4. Did you enjoy last Christmas?
  5. Do people behave differently during Christmas? Do they try to be better? Do you donate something (money, clothes…) to charities? Do you give something to homeless people?
  6. Do people behave differently during Christmas? Do they try to be better?
  7. Do you attend any special religious ceremonies during the Christmas season?
  8. Do you celebrate Christmas in a special way?
  9. Do you celebrate Christmas in a traditional way? Do you have a traditional Christmas?
  10. Do you celebrate Christmas in your country?
  11. Do you decorate the outside of your house for Christmas?
  12. Do you donate something (money, clothes…) to charities?
  13. Do you eat a turkey dinner for your Christmas dinner?
  14. Do you enjoy Christmas time?
  15. Do you enjoy singing Christmas songs?
  16. Do you ever think about the real meaning of Christmas?
  17. Do you exchange presents with your friends at school?
  18. Do you give something to homeless people?
  19. Do you go skiing at Christmas time?
  20. Do you go to church on Christmas day?
  21. Do you hang up a stocking?
  22. Do you have a big and delicious dinner on Christmas day?
  23. Do you have a Christmas party at school?
  24. Do you have a Christmas tree? If so, how do you decorate it? When do you put it up? When do you take it down? Is it real or artificial?
  25. Do you have a part-time job during Christmas vacation?
  26. Do you have any plans to go to a Christmas party?
  27. Do you know the history of Christmas?
  28. Do you know why Christmas is celebrated around the world?
  29. Do you remember Christmas celebrations you had as a child?
  30. Do you remember when you found out that Santa Claus wasn’t real/ or when your children found out? What was your/their reaction like?
  31. Do you see your relatives at Christmas time?
  32. Do you think Christmas is depressing? (There is a high suicide rate at this time of year.)
  33. Do you think we will have a white Christmas this year?
  34. Do you usually put up Christmas decorations in your house? (Do you usually decorate your home?)
  35. Does it break your heart knowing that your children have grown up and this year will be their last Christmas at home?
  36. Does it break your heart knowing that your children have grown up and this year will be their last Christmas at home?
  37. Does you school have a Christmas play?
  38. Does your family have any special Christmas traditions?
  39. Does your town get decorated at Christmas? What kind of decorations?
  40. Have you already finished your Christmas shopping?
  41. Have you ever celebrated Christmas in a foreign country?
  42. Have you ever made your own Christmas cards? If so, how did you make them?
  43. How about at your school of the place where you work?
  44. How did you celebrate Christmas last year?
  45. How do you usually spend New Year’s Eve? How about New Year’s Day?
  46. How is Christmas celebrated in the United States?
  47. How long do Christmas trees last? Do you use an artificial tree?
  48. How long do you keep your Christmas tree up after Christmas?
  49. How long is your Christmas vacation?
  50. How many Christmas cards did you receive last year?
  51. How many Christmas cards do you send?
  52. How many presents do you usually give?
  53. If you are not a Christian, does the intense focus on Christmas in the U.S. make you feel bad in any way (e.g., ignored, dismissed, angry, etc.)?
  54. If you could change something about Christmas time, what would it be?
  55. If you could go anywhere during Christmas vacation, where would you go?
  56. If you had a million dollars, what would you do during Christmas time?
  57. In how many languages did you write Christmas cards?
  58. Is there a holiday similar to Christmas in your home country?
  59. Is your Christmas tree a real tree or an artificial tree?
  60. Trivia: In what 1942 movie was the song ‘White Christmas” first sung?
  61. What are some popular foods for the Christmas season?
  62. What are you going to buy your boyfriend/girlfriend for their Christmas present?
  63. What did you do last year on Christmas Day?
  64. What did you get for Christmas? What did you give for Christmas?
  65. What do you eat on Christmas Day?
  66. What do you usually do for Christmas?
  67. What do you usually do on Christmas day?
  68. What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?
  69. What does your family eat for Christmas dinner?
  70. What is Christmas like in your country?
  71. What is Christmas like in your hometown?
  72. What is the best Christmas present you have ever gotten?
  73. What is the most expensive Christmas present you plan to buy?
  74. What is the significance of a Christmas tree? What does it represent for you?
  75. What is the typical menu for a Christmas meal in your family? (… in your country?)
  76. What is the weather like in your country around Christmas time?
  77. What is your attitude toward the commercialization of the Christmas season? Is Christmas becoming too commercialized?
  78. What is your favorite Christmas carol?
  79. What kind of food do you usually eat in your country?
  80. What kind of interesting things do you do for Christmas in your home country?
  81. What kind of presents do you expect to get this Christmas?
  82. What people usually do on Christmas day?
  83. What time do you wake up on Christmas day?
  84. What time does your family open the presents?
  85. What traditions do you have during the Christmas season?
  86. What was the best present your received last Christmas?
  87. What was the most regretful thing about this year?
  88. What will you buy your parents?
  89. What will you do on Christmas day?
  90. What will you eat on Christmas Day?
  91. What would you like to get for your Christmas present?
  92. What’s the best thing you left out for Santa clause to eat on Christmas?
  93. What’s your favorite Christmas song?
  94. When do you do your Christmas shopping? What kind of presents do you buy? Who do you buy them for? About how much do you spend per person?
  95. When do you give Christmas presents? (On what day? At what time?)
  96. When do you open Christmas presents? (On what day? At what time?)
  97. When do you put up a Christmas tree? If you don’t put up a Christmas tree, do you put up other decorations?
  98. When do you put up your Christmas tree?
  99. When does your family decorate the Christmas tree?
  100. Where are you going for Christmas vacation?
  101. Where do you think Santa Claus is from?
  102. Where will you go on Christmas Day?
  103. Which comes first, Christmas or New Year’s Day?
  104. Who do you expect to receive presents from?
  105. Who is Santa Claus? Do you know the history of Santa Claus? At what age did you begin not believing in Santa Claus?
  106. Who was at your house last Christmas?
  107. Who will you give presents to this year?
  108. Who would you like to be with on Christmas?
  109. Whose birthday is celebrated on Christmas?
  110. Why do people give out Christmas cards with gifts and presents at Christmas time?
  111. Why do people sometimes write “Christmas” with an “X”? (Xmas)
  112. Why some people do not like Christmas?
  113. Will you go skiing during the Christmas vacation?
  114. Will you have a Christmas party at your home?
  115. Will you spend Christmas vacation with your family or your friends?
  116. Will you travel abroad during the Christmas vacation?
  117. Would you like to go skating during Christmas vacation?

End of the Year

  1. Did you make a New Year’s Resolution this year?
  2. Do people in your country usually make New Year’s Resolutions?
  3. Do you have any regrets about this year?
  4. How was this year?
  5. Was this year better or worse than last year? How come?
  6. What was something you lost this year?
  7. What was the best food you had this year?
  8. What was the best item of clothing you bought this year?
  9. What was the best movie for you this year?
  10. What was the best music for you this year?
  11. What was the best place you visited this year?
  12. What was the best restaurant you went to this year?
  13. What was the best TV show for you this year?
  14. What was the biggest waste of money this year?
  15. What was the happiest thing for you this year?
  16. What was the most expensive thing you bought this year?
  17. What was the most useful thing you bought this year?
  18. What was the saddest thing for you this year?
  19. What was the toughest thing for you this year?


  1. Are you going to have an Halloween party?
  2. Are you still eating halloween candy?
  3. Are you still eating Halloween candy?
  4. Can you describe the best costume you’ve seen.
  5. Can you explain the history of halloween?
  6. Did you know there were real ‘witch trials’ in the seventeenth century?
  7. Do you believe in ghosts?
  8. Do you believe in magic?
  9. Do you know any Halloween legends?
  10. Do you think Halloween is dangerous?
  11. Do you think it is appropriate to celebrate it still today?
  12. Do you think there are really witches and monsters and creatures living amongst us in the real world, or are those things just from our imagination?
  13. How is halloween celebrated in your country?
  14. How long does it take for a pumpkin to rot?
  15. If you could choose to be any monster or creature, what would it be?
  16. If you could use a magical spell, like a love spell, on somebody, would you?
  17. Is your pumpkin still out ?
  18. Is your pumpkin still out?
  19. What are some of the symbols of halloween?
  20. What day of the month is halloween?
  21. What do you know about the history of the holiday?
  22. What is your favorite magical story? Character in a book? Film? Legend?
  23. What kind of costume are you going to wear to the halloween party?
  24. What makes you afraid of ghosts?
  25. What other countries celebrate Halloween?
  26. Why do you like to celebrate Halloween?
  27. Why do you think they happened?
  28. Why is halloween celebrated?
  29. Would you go out and trick or treat? Who would you go with?

St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Do you wear a special color or special clothes on St. Patrick’s Day in your country?
  2. Have you ever been to a Saint Patrick’s Day parade?
  3. How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
  4. If you had to go to a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, what would you wear?
  5. Is there a Saint Patrick’s Day parade in your city or country?
  6. What color do you wear on St. Patrick’s Day?
  7. What countries celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
  8. What did Saint Patrick do in Ireland?
  9. What do you know about St. Patrick’s Day?
  10. What drink is popular on St. Patrick’s Day?
  11. What stories are associated with St. Patrick’s Day?
  12. What symbol did Saint Patrick use to explain Christianity? Why?
  13. When did St. Patrick die?
  14. When is St. Patrick’s Day?
  15. When was Saint Patrick alive?


  1. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in your country? If so, how?
  2. Do you think Thanksgiving is a family holiday? Why?
  3. How do you cook the turkey?
  4. If you had to list your favorite holidays, what number would Thanksgiving be? Why?
  5. What are some of the things you are thankful for?
  6. What are some Thanksgiving traditions in your family?
  7. What are some Thanksgiving traditions?
  8. What day is Thanksgiving celebrated in the United States? Canada? Your Country?
  9. What did you do on Thanksgiving this year? What did you do last year?
  10. What do you know about Thanksgiving?
  11. What does “Thanksgiving” mean to you?
  12. What foods are associated with Thanksgiving?
  13. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
  14. What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?
  15. What is your worst Thanksgiving memory?
  16. What time do you start eating?
  17. What time of day does your family typically sit down to eat Thanksgiving dinner?
  18. What was the weather like at your Thanksgiving?
  19. Where do you go for Thanksgiving?
  20. Who cooks Thanksgiving dinner in your home?
  21. Why do you think people celebrate Thanksgiving Day?
  22. Why is football often associated with American Thanksgiving?
  23. Would you rather be a Pilgrim or a native American and why?

Valentine’s Day

  1. Do you know anyone that has become engaged or married on Valentine’s Day?
  2. Do you know anyone that has gotten engaged or married on Valentine’s Day?
  3. Do you make any special food for Valentine’s Day?
  4. Do you think Valentine’s Day is too commercial or consumerist?
  5. Do you think Valentine’s Day makes single people feel lonely?
  6. Have you ever gotten a valentine or love letter on Valentine’s Day?
  7. How do children celebrate Valentine’s Day in school?
  8. How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in the United States?
  9. Is Valentine’s Day celebrated in your country?
  10. On Valentine’s Day, is it more common for men to give gifts to women or for women to give gifts to men?
  11. What are common gifts that people give on Valentine’s Day?
  12. What are common gifts that people give?
  13. What do you plan on doing this Valentine’s Day?
  14. What do you usually do for Valentine’s Day?
  15. What is a “valentine”?
  16. What is the origin of Valentine’s Day? (Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?)
  17. What is Valentine’s Day like for singles? (What do single people do on Valentine’s Day?)
  18. What is Valentine’s Day?
  19. What is your favorite kind of Valentine’s Day chocolate? Do you prefer milk, dark, or white chocolate? Do you like nuts or caramels in your chocolates?
  20. What is your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?
  21. What is your Valentine’s dream? If you could do anything or receive anything on Valentine’s Day, what would it be?
  22. Would you want to get engaged or married on a holiday? Why or why not?

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