1. Are college graduates smarter than people who did not go to college?
  2. Are college tuitions reasonable in your country? Is it easy to get scholarships or government grants?
  3. Are foreign languages part of the curriculum? If so, which languages?
  4. Are most schools coeducational in your country?
  5. Are school uniforms good to have? Why/why not?
  6. Are straight-A students smarter than others or just better at memorizing things? Did you really learn in school or did you just memorize information and pass tests?
  7. Are teachers the only ones qualified to teach children? What makes someone qualified to teach children?
  8. Are there any subjects/classes you wanted to study but they weren’t available at your school/college?
  9. Are there good colleges in your country?
  10. Are there things your school does not teach that you think it should?
  11. Are things that your school teaches you that you think are not important?
  12. Are women encouraged to pursue education?
  13. Can parents influence their children’s schools? What can a parent do if he or she disapproves of a teacher’s decision?
  14. Can you teach someone who has no desire to learn?
  15. Describe the students who attended high school. Did they have a good influence on you? Did they make your childhood and teenage years harder or easier?
  16. Did classmates talk to each other much before or after class?
  17. Did teachers grade students fairly? Did you ever feel like you should have gotten a better grade then you did in a class?
  18. Did you attend college?
  19. Did you enjoy going to elementary school?
  20. Did you go to a good high school?
  21. Did you go to college or university? Where did you go? What did you study? How many years did you go? Did you work while you went there?
  22. Did you have any teachers you didn’t like?
  23. Did you live in a dormitory while you went to college? Who were your roommates?
  24. Did you make friends in high school that you still keep in touch with?
  25. Did you procrastinate studying? Did you ever pull an all-nighter?
  26. Did you ride a bus or walk to school?
  27. Did you skip class very often?
  28. Did you study a foreign language in school? Was it taught well?
  29. Did you study abroad?
  30. Did you study with other students?
  31. Do children have a right to an education? Should education be free?
  32. Do college professors give students syllabuses at the beginning of the term? Were you clear on what professors expect of you?
  33. Do elite universities help or harm your country?
  34. Do many people in your country study abroad?
  35. Do parents home-school their children in your country? What do you think of home-schooling? Do you know anyone who was home-schooled?
  36. Do prefer school uniforms or casuals clothes better?
  37. Do teachers sometimes teach things that are not important?
  38. Do the elites in your country attend only one or two universities? Do elite universities help or harm your country?
  39. Do you enjoy going to school? If so, why if not why?
  40. Do you have difficulty with school work?
  41. Do you know anyone who attended a private school? Do private schools offer higher quality education or are they just prestigious?
  42. Do you know anyone who does not know how to read or write?
  43. Do you know anyone who was homeschooled?
  44. Do you still stay in touch with your teachers?
  45. Do you think a person can become a genius, or are they just born that way?
  46. Do you think it is easier to learn as a child or as an adult?
  47. Do you think it is necessary that there are windows in the classroom to provide for a proper learning atmosphere?
  48. Do you think public speaking can improve your English?
  49. Do you think teachers are paid enough? Do you think teachers are well educated?
  50. Do you think that most parents influence what university their child will attend?
  51. Do you think your country should spend more money on schools?
  52. Do you think your school is a good one? Why/why not?
  53. Do you think your teachers gave too much homework? How much homework should teachers assign students?
  54. Do you think your teachers give too much homework?
  55. Do you wish you had been homeschooled?
  56. Do your children attend US schools? If so, how do their schools differ from those your children attended back home?
  57. Does education guarantee a good job?
  58. Does your country have good public universities? If not, why do you think there is a lack of funding for education in your country?
  59. Does your country have middle schools? What is the age that children begin school? How old are students when they graduate?
  60. Does your country provide a good public school system?
  61. How can we improve our classroom?
  62. How do they cheat?
  63. How do you travel to school?
  64. How important is curiosity in a student?
  65. How long must you go to college to get a degree?
  66. How many students were in your biggest class? How many in your smallest class? Did you prefer small classes or big classes?
  67. How many students were in your high school?
  68. How many years did you attend college?
  69. How much free time does a high school student in your country have?
  70. How much is too much homework? How should the homework load be managed?
  71. If a school gets more money, will the quality of education always improve?
  72. If you did, what made you decide to go to the college you did?
  73. If you have not attended college, do you plan on doing so?
  74. Is it difficult for people without a college education to get good jobs where you live?
  75. Once you graduate from a university should you stop learning? What are some ways a person can continue to learn?
  76. Should education be free?
  77. Should people go straight from school to university, or do something different?
  78. Was it harder to study in college than in high school? How does college compare to high school? What advice would you give a high school student who is about to go to college?
  79. Was school ever canceled for a day when you were a child?
  80. We should not just prepare for life, but live it. Do you agree?
  81. Were good grades important to you?
  82. Were there cliques in your high school? Were there gangs?
  83. What are some good ways to learn English?
  84. What are some important factors in determining which college to attend?
  85. What are some ways a person can continue to learn?
  86. What are the dangers of cheating?
  87. What are the qualities of a good student?
  88. What are the qualities of a good teacher?
  89. What are the skills that separate good students from bad students?
  90. What classes would you take?
  91. What did you major in? Why did you choose the major you did?
  92. What do you consider “hardworking” or ‘lazy”?
  93. What do you consider to be a “smart” or “slow” person?
  94. What do you remember about your teachers?
  95. What do you study? What’s your major?
  96. What do you think about a gap year, is this something you would consider?
  97. What do you think of homeschooling?
  98. What do you think about the advantages and disadvantages of state and private schools are?
  99. What do you wish your teachers understood about you?
  100. What does your education mean to you?
  101. What improvements does the school system need?
  102. What is a “genius”?
  103. What is the average age of a high school graduate?
  104. What is the role of school and decision makers?
  105. What is the role of schools in society?
  106. What is your attitude towards cheating? How should parents react? How should teachers react?
  107. What is your favorite class?
  108. What kind of world do you think this would be if people never went to school?
  109. What realistic changes would you make to your country’s attitude toward education?
  110. What role do you think human capital plays in the development of countries?
  111. What skills separate good students from bad students?
  112. What subjects were you bad at?
  113. What subjects were you good at?
  114. What teacher impressed you the most?
  115. What was (or is) your favorite subject? Why do you like it?
  116. What would happen if public schools were abolished? Could children still get an education?
  117. What would you do if you saw someone with a gun at school?
  118. Where did you go to elementary school?
  119. Where did you go to high school?
  120. Where did you go to junior high school?
  121. Where did you go to kindergarten?
  122. Where do we learn the skills necessary to become a good student – in elementary, middle or high school?
  123. Which high schools and colleges are not so good in your country?
  124. Which high schools and colleges are the best in your country?
  125. Which is more important, the essential skills in life you’ve learned to develop on your own or the artificial structure in college about the “real” life?
  126. Who selects the college you will attend — you or your parents?
  127. Who was your favorite teacher?
  128. Why are you studying a foreign language?
  129. Why do students cheat during tests and exams? How do they cheat?
  130. Why do you think people become teachers?
  131. Why English is hard to learn at the university level?
  132. Why is it helpful to learn a Second language?
  133. Why is it sometimes very difficult to speak another language?
  134. Would you consider studying abroad?
  135. Would you ever vote for a politician who did not attend college?
  136. Would you ever want to learn a third language? [To be “trilingual”]

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