1. Can you tell us about your pregnancy?
  2. Did you breastfeed your children in public?
  3. Did your husband take maternity leave from work? How long?
  4. Do pregnant women in your country work?
  5. Do women in your country breastfeed their babies?
  6. Do women in your country give birth in a hospital or at home?
  7. Do you think it is OK to breastfeed in public?
  8. Have you ever had children?
  9. How long were you in labor?
  10. How much did your first child weigh?
  11. How much maternity leave did you take from work?
  12. Was your husband in the delivery room during childbirth?
  13. Were there any complications during delivery? What were they?
  14. Were you breastfed as a child?
  15. What is more common, natural birth or C-sections?
  16. Where were your children born?
  17. Who helps a new mother with the baby?

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