1. Do you have any Canadian friends? How would you describe them?
  2. Do you know any famous places to visit in Canada?
  3. Do you know any words or phrases that Canadians say differently compared to Americans or English?
  4. Do you know anything about Canadian history?
  5. Do you know of any famous Canadians? What are they famous for?
  6. Have you ever traveled to Canada? Where did you go? If not, where do you want to visit?
  7. How much do you know about Canadian culture?
  8. Is there something in Canada that you want your country to adapt?
  9. Is there something in your country that you want Canada to adapt?
  10. What do you think about whenever you hear about the country, Canada?
  11. What do you think Canada is famous for?
  12. What do you think is the difference between a Canadian and an American?
  13. Why do you think people consider Canadians to be very kind? How are they different from people in your country?
  14. Why do you think there aren’t more people living in Canada?

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