1. Are bad people bad because of circumstances or choices? What about good people?
  2. Are there historical figures you admire?
  3. Are you influenced by what you see on TV? Or by what you read?
  4. behavior in another culture? If yes, give examples.
  5. Can bad behavior lead to crime?
  6. Can music influence your behavior?
  7. Can we teach our children good behavior?
  8. Can you influence your friends?
  9. Can you judge a politician by how he behaves toward his family?
  10. Can you think of a behavior that is ‘good’ behavior in one culture and a ‘bad’ behavior in another culture?
  11. Do friends influence you?
  12. Do the clothes you wear affect your behavior? Should school teachers wear casual clothes?
  13. Do you believe we have a moral obligation to act happy, even if we do not feel happy?
  14. Do you care about the private behavior of a politician?
  15. Do you care what other people think of you?
  16. Do you give up your private life when you become a politician?
  17. Do you set goals to improve yourself?
  18. Do you think there is such a thing as an evil person, or just a sick person?
  19. Does economic status affect people’s behavior? For example, are people more generous if they have more money?
  20. Does it always pay to be good?
  21. Does the behavior of well-known people, such as celebrities and politicians, affect how average people behave?
  22. Does your happiness depend on the behavior of others?
  23. Have you broken bad habits?
  24. Have you changed anything about your behavior?
  25. Have you ever got embarrassed by your friend’s/girlfriend’s/husband’s misbehavior?
  26. Have you ever not tolerated someone’s behavior?
  27. Have you started good habits?
  28. How can friends have a bad influence on you?
  29. How can teachers stop “bullying” at school?
  30. How can we teach our children good behavior? Are words or example more important?
  31. How do children acquire good behavior?
  32. How do you act when you are happy? Do you like being around happy people?
  33. How do you raise well-behaved children?
  34. How does religion influence people’s behavior?
  35. How has the media affected society? Has TV made society better or worse?
  36. How should movie stars behave in public?
  37. How should we punish children who commit crimes?
  38. How should you behave when you see someone you don’t like?
  39. How would you behave in a hospital?
  40. In what ways have the choices of others affected you?
  41. Is it acceptable for parents to spank their children?
  42. Is it important to only watch wholesome TV shows and only read good books?
  43. Is it important to surround yourself with good people?
  44. Is it OK to show negative types of behavior when you are angry?
  45. Is it possible to change one’s behavior?
  46. Is there a behavior considered a ‘good’ behavior in one culture and a ‘bad’
  47. Is there any behavior that you would not find acceptable?
  48. Should children be encouraged to ask questions in class?
  49. Should children be punished in public?
  50. Should corporal punishment be illegal?
  51. Should parents be held responsible for their children’s behavior?
  52. Should people act on their feelings? If you are in a bad mood, can people around you tell?
  53. Should people behave differently with friends than with family? Do you treat people who are close to you better than strangers, or vice versa?
  54. Should some parent give medicine to their children to calm them down?
  55. Should you always be on your best behavior?
  56. Were you well-behaved as a child?
  57. What are some examples of bad behavior?
  58. What are some ways to change your behavior?
  59. What behavior is not acceptable among friends?
  60. What behaviors are expected from children towards their parents?
  61. What behaviors are expected from university and college students?
  62. What behaviors make you feel angry?
  63. What behaviors make you feel good?
  64. What can we do to prevent or discourage it
  65. What does “misbehavior” mean?
  66. What influences you to make good choices?
  67. What is good behavior? What is bad behavior?
  68. What is he worst behavior you have seen?
  69. What is the right behavior to use in a job interview?
  70. What is the right behavior to use in a restaurant? At school? At a party?
  71. What is the strangest thing you have ever done?
  72. What kind of punishment do you think is the most effective ?
  73. What should you do with a child who has very bad behavior?
  74. What would you do if you saw somebody else’s child behaving badly in public?
  75. What would you do if you saw somebody spanking their child for bad behavior?
  76. What would you do if your child behaves badly in public?
  77. Who do you admire? Do you try to be like this person (or people)?
  78. Who is affected by your behavior?
  79. Why do some children seem naturally well-mannered, while others seem difficult?
  80. Will we be judged for our behavior? Do you believe in a God who punishes bad people and rewards good people?
  81. Would you spank (To slap on the buttocks with a flat object or with the open hand, as for punishment) your child for bad behavior?
  82. Would you teach your child to “hit back” at school if somebody hits them?

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