1. Are most flight attendants female? Is being a flight attendant considered a good job in your country?
  2. Are planes really safer than cars? (A British study shows that flying is 176 times safer than walking, 15 times safer than driving and 300 times safer than a motorbike.)
  3. Can you sleep during the flight?
  4. Do you enjoy takeoff / landing?
  5. Do you enjoy talking with strangers on an airplane?
  6. Do you enjoy the food on airplanes?
  7. Do you know someone who is afraid of flying in an airplane?
  8. Do you like airline food?
  9. Do you like to fly? Why or why not?
  10. Do you like to travel by airplane?
  11. Do you like to watch movies or TV about airplane crashes? Why or why not?
  12. Do you only fly one airline?
  13. Do you prefer to fly in big planes or small planes? Why?
  14. Do you think being a pilot is a good job? Why or why not?
  15. Do you think budget airlines are safe?
  16. Have you ever gone sky-diving? Why or why not?
  17. Have you ever had an accident during a flight?
  18. Have you ever met an annoying person during a flight?
  19. Have you ever met anyone or established any relationships during a flight?
  20. Have you ever seen a female pilot? Why do you think that most pilots are men?
  21. Have you ever seen an airplane crash?
  22. Have you ever seen terrorists on the plane?
  23. Have you ever work as a flight attendant?
  24. Have you or someone you know ever been in a plane crash?
  25. How can passengers reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis?
  26. How do the pilot and the co-pilot navigate their planes?
  27. How much baggage do you take with you?
  28. How old were you when you went on your first flight? Where did you go?
  29. How was the service on your last flight?
  30. What airline do you prefer using?
  31. What are some airplane disaster movies? Why do you think they are popular?
  32. What are some movies you remember seeing on the plane?
  33. What are the advantages of traveling by airplane?
    • What are the disadvantages?
  34. What are three things you’re supposed to do before the flight takes off?
  35. What arrangements should you make for pick-up at the airport?
  36. What arrangements should you make for pick-up at the airport?
  37. What do you do before takeoff/landing?
  38. What do you do when you experience turbulence?
  39. What do you do when you need a flight attendant’s assistance?
  40. What do you like to do during the flight? Does the plane provide anything to do to pass the time?
  41. What do you think are the qualifications?
  42. What documents do you need for international travel?
  43. What is a boarding pass?
  44. What is a charter flight?
  45. What is a group rate?
  46. What is the smallest airplane you have ever been on? How small was it?
  47. What items should not be included in your hand baggage?
  48. What questions do they ask when going through immigration/customs at the airport?
  49. What questions do they ask when you check-in at the airport?
  50. What questions do they ask you when going through immigration and customs at the airport?
  51. What questions do they ask you when you check-in at the airport?
  52. What questions should you ask when buying airplane tickets?
  53. What seat do you prefer: window, center or aisle?
  54. What should be done with obese people who practically take up two seats?
  55. What things can you see in an airport?
  56. What things do you see in an airport?
  57. What was the longest flight you have ever taken?
  58. What would you do if you were on a plane that was crashing?
  59. When do you pay for airport tax?
  60. Where can you hang your coats after boarding an airplane? 5. What do you do when you get blocked ears during takeoff/landing?
  61. Where can you smoke while traveling by plane?
  62. Would you like to be a flight attendant? What are the benefits and /or downfalls?
  63. Would you like to learn how to fly? Why or why not?
  64. Would you pay money for airline food?
  65. Would you rather have a younger, more beautiful/handsome flight attendant or an older, more experienced one?

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