1. Are adoptions common in your country?
  2. Are there any risks when adopting a child?
  3. Do you believe there is discrimination within the adoption organizations?
  4. Do you it is preferable to adopt or to use artificial reproduction technology?
  5. Do you know anyone who has adopted a child?
  6. Do you know anyone who was adopted? Can you think of any famous people who were adopted?
  7. Do you support an open adoption policy where the birth parents can choose to be involved in the child’s life?
  8. Do you think a person should be able to adopt a child of a different race?
  9. Do you think biological parents should always have a right to keep their identity secret from the children they give up for adoption? Why or why not?
  10. Do you think brothers and sisters should be separated in adoptions?
  11. Do you think it is preferable to adopt or to use artificial reproduction technology?
  12. Do you think people who have been adopted should always have the right to find out who their birth-parents are?
  13. Do you think that adopted children should feel especially loved and wanted?
  14. How do you go about adopting a child?
  15. How does being adopted affect a child’s view of themselves?
  16. How is adoption viewed in your country?
  17. How much should the government be involved in the adoption process?
  18. How or should the adoptive parents maintain the adopted child’s cultural identify?
  19. How would someone interested in adopting a child go about doing so?
  20. How would you feel if a child you had adopted wanted to search for his or her birth parents?
  21. How would you feel if you found out you were adopted?
  22. If you had a choice, would you want to be adopted?
  23. If you were to find out that you were adopted and not really from the country where you are a citizen, which nationality would you hope would be your true mother country? Why?
  24. In your country are the legal rights of an adoptive child different from that of a birth child?
  25. Is the real parent the birth parent or the adoptive parent?
  26. Should a gay or lesbian couple be allowed to adopt a child?
  27. Should a single man or woman be able to adopt a child?
  28. Should adopted children have the right to know their biological parents?
  29. Should adoptions be between children and families of the same race and or culture?
  30. Should families with birth children also adopt?
  31. Should people be able to decide what type of children they want to adopt? For example: boy or girl, hair color, age, etc.
  32. Should people be allowed to adopt children of a different race and/or culture?
  33. Should prospective parents in adoption cases be required to do a parenting course?
  34. Should the adoption process be more or less difficult than it is now?
  35. Should there be an age restriction for the adoptive parents?
  36. Should you tell the child that he or she was adopted? If so at what age? Or when?
  37. What are orphanages like in your country?
  38. What are some of the reasons people adopt children?
  39. What are some of the reasons people give children up for adoption?
  40. What are some organizations that help with adoptions?
  41. What are some ways that adoption rates could be improved?
  42. What are the legal consequences of adopting a child from a different race or country?
  43. What are the views of adoption in your country?
  44. What celebrities do you know of who adopted a child?
  45. What do you think about couples that adopt children from different countries?
  46. What do you think about the adoption system in your country?
  47. What happens to children that are not adopted?
  48. What is adoption?
  49. What is an open adoption?
  50. What is the difference between domestic and international adoption?
  51. What is the maximum number of children a couple should be able to adopt?
  52. What makes a family, genetics or environment?
  53. What qualities make a couple or a person qualified to adopt a child?
  54. When is the right time for a child to be told that he/she was adopted?
  55. Where do children available for adoption come from?
  56. Why don’t more people adopt children?
  57. Would you agree to an open adoption or closed adoption? Why?
  58. Would you ever adopt a child?
  59. Would you want to adopt a boy or a girl? Why?
  60. Would you want to find your birth family? Why or why not?

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